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I know, I know

Posted by hdbritbragg on June 26, 2012

I am lame at posting. It’s just that the longer I go without posting the less I can remember things that I wanted to post. Anyway since my last post we’ve done some stuff. We went to Disneyland, HD is back in school (woo hoo!) and we just got back from California again for Colton and Maddy Bragg’s wedding!! Yay for Coltaddy! We are so happy for you!!! So.. here are some random pics 🙂



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Posted by hdbritbragg on February 10, 2012

I’m feeling good today. I can’t really explain why, I just have this sudden feeling that everything will be ok. I’ve been stressed about our future lately, and what will happen to us, but I think I was forgetting to have as much faith as I should that things would work out. I’ve had this VERY strong impression for the last few days that Heavenly Father is mindful of us and what we need as a family, and that He does have a plan for us (even if it isn’t what we would choose for ourselves) and that whatever happens will be what is best for our family. Anyway, I think I might have said something like this in a previous post, but I think I was trying to convince myself then. This time I really feel this way, and it’s such a wonderful feeling. Also, I’m sorry that I mostly just post thoughts on here. I need to be better about taking pictures of the cute things my kids do. I’ll work on it! Here are a couple of the kids right now. Sorry, we’re still in jammies today… I’m kinda tired. Baylee and Laycee woke up at like 4.

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Baylee in church

Posted by hdbritbragg on February 5, 2012

Well, a member of the primary presidency in my ward brought Baylee to me asking what they should do because she wouldn’t stay in class. Last week I heard her yelling and running around in the halls.I went out there to see if I could help and her teacher was crying. Then she gave me a huge hug and told me that she doesn’t know how I handle her every day. I feel bad that everyone has such a hard time with her. I know that there isn’t anything that she can do about it, or that anyone can do for that matter, but I just wish that she had an easier time in her classes. She is such a sweet girl and has been through so much. She’s doing amazingly well considering so I should be counting my blessings, and I am, but I’m nervous for her and her future. I hope that she can function ok when she gets into school. I’m nervous that her teachers won’t know how to handle her. Maybe I’ll just have to voulenteer in her classes when I can to help? I’m hoping that when and if we move, that we’ll end up somewhere with good schools, with teachers that are patient and understanding. I want the best for Baylee in her future. I know that all parents want that for their kids, but I really hope that Baylee can get as much happiness and fulfillment out of life as possible. I’m hoping that she’ll find a couple of really good friends that can keep up with her and that accept her the way she is. And who knows? Maybe she’ll mellow out with age, or at least be able to find outlets that she can use to channel her energy like sports. Maybe she’ll keep her same friendly personality and will have the abliity to be friends with everyone. Who knows? Laycee will only be a year behind her in school. Maybe Laycee and Baylee will become great friends and have a lot of the same friends in chuch and school and they will have a blast together. Maybe I’m thinking too much about this. I should just take on challenges as they come, and pray that whatever happens will be what is the best for our family, and trust that Heavenly Father will bless us as we are willing to do what he asks of us. He will give Baylee the strength she needs to get through things. She is such a tough and determined little girl. I’m sure that she will be fine. I’ll just keep working on teaching my kids how to behave in public and hopefully eventually it will catch on? 🙂

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Living in the Moment

Posted by hdbritbragg on January 12, 2012

I know my title is cliche but this is something I need to work on right now. I’ve really been looking forward to when and if we move away from here lately, so much so that I haven’t been enjoying moments with my family as much as I should. I feel really bad about it. I’ve been day dreaming a lot lately. I need to spend more time enjoying the cute things my kids do and say, times I get to spend with HD, friends that I have here, etc. I especially need to focus more on being a productive mom and playing with, teaching my kids. I’ve been doing this occasionally but not nearly as much as I should. I’ve been more eager to instigate “quiet time” than do some sort of craft with my kids, or sing songs, teach them colors, shapes and letters,etc. I need to spend more quality time with my kids. I love them SO much and I want them to be able to see how much I love them through my actions. I want to be able to have more patience. instead of sending them to their room right away I need to try to solve the problem and teach them why what they’re doing is wrong. Teach them to resolve their arguments and love each other more. Luckily baby Dean is the easiest baby ever (at least so far). He is so mellow and sweet. I have been very lucky with him. But just because he’s easier to live with doesn’t mean that he should get mroe positive attention from me than the girls. Baylee and Laycee have been FIGHTING a lot lately. At least like 8 times a day. I think it’s partly due to being inside all the time because of the weather/ lack of space, but I think it is also partially becasue they want attention from me. I’ve been so preoccupied with sending in applications, checking e mails, cleaning things, putting stuff into storage,etc. that I haven’t been giving my kids the attention that they need and deserve. I feel awful. So today I am going to start being a better mother and wife. I’m going to enjoy my family now, instead of waiting for the future to be happy. I’m not saying that I haven’t been doing this at all lately, just that I need to do it more.
I also need to be more thoughtful towards HD, find ways to show him how much I love and appreciate him instead of just telling him. I am very proud of him and how hard he works for our family. He is miserable at his job, yet he does his best to come home happy for us anyway. He’s been so focused on preparing for our future, and making sure that he does whatever he can to make sure that we are happy and taken care of. I love him so much. He is such a good man. I need to think more about ways in which I can help him to be happier, and let him know how proud of him I really am. I’m not sure that he always knows how I feel. Anyway, I’m sorry this post isn’t more positive, but for some reason it’s easier for me to realise my feelings and organize my thoughts if I write them down. So hopefully now I can do better. I have been blessed with such a wonderful little family. I love them so much, and I want them to know it.

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Posted by hdbritbragg on January 9, 2012

So starting today I am re-dedicating myself to calorie counting. I started slipping up a bit on Christmas and haven’t been as diligent since. I haven’t gained any weight but I haven’t lost any more either. I’m not thinking of this as a new years resolution because I guess I just don’t like the idea of working on self-improvement once a year. For me at least, if I think of it that way I tend to do less for self improvement the rest of the time 🙂 I’m going to do this though! I want to be healthy and set a better example for my kids. i think it’s important that I show them how to lead a healthy life. I want them to get as much out of life as possible. I am also going to start pushing myself harder in my workouts. I’ve been getting comfortable at a certain pace which is probaly part of my plateau problem, so I am going to start kicking my butt a little harder 🙂 Anyway, I love you all!

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Posted by hdbritbragg on January 5, 2012

We have been applying to/ testing for jobs since like July of last year, and still have yet to discover what lies ahead for our little family. I have faith that whatever does happen for us will be what is best, but I’m getting antsy! I wish I could peek into the future just a little. On the upside though, A recruitment went out for the Washington Dept. of Corrections today for the prison in Monroe, WA and the application is only open for 10 days, which I’m thinking means that they might be wanting to hire fast? I don’t know. But Monroe is where my grandma and grandpa Cox live so we would be next to family, and it’s about 3 hours north of my parents. It would take longer to get to Medford from there but it’s doable. It would be a lot nicer than traveling from Idaho at least! 🙂 I have no idea what will happen to us or where we will be headed in the near future but I’m sure that wherever we end up will be what is best for us. I’ve just gotta keep truckin along 😉

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Happy New Year!

Posted by hdbritbragg on January 1, 2012

So today as kind of a bummer as far as New Years celebrations go because HD had to work, but we did get to hang out with him for  a while before he left for work at 10, and he gave me a call at midnight which was nice. I got to spend New Years eve with Cameron and Anne! They are always wonderful company 🙂 We didn’t do anyting too exciting. We’re all trying to get healthier/ work out etc. so for our snacks we had a veggie tray and apples with peanut butter. Thanks Anne 🙂 It was actually kind of nice eating well on a holiday. I’m feeling pretty good about it anyway 🙂 No regrets later which is nice. Along with the amazing snacks we visited, watched some tv and played Mario Kart Wii. It was actually a very nice time (aside from HDs absence). It’s always great to spend quality time with family. Anyway, I hope that this new year brings great things to us and all of you! I’m excited for new beginnings, and  making new and fun memmories with HD and our sweet little kids 🙂

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Game Day!

Posted by hdbritbragg on December 31, 2011

Today the girls woke up and daddy got them all excited about the game, so they promptly got into their “YU” stuff. They looked pretty cute so I decided to take some pictures. Unfortunately baby Dean’s BYU stuff is too small… there’s actually a lot of clothes that he didn’t ever wear because he grew too fast. He’s a big baby! But I got him dressed in a cute little outfit anyways and took a couple pictures of him 🙂 He’s so darn cute! Well, all my kids are cute really.. 🙂 Anyway it was really funny watching how excited the girls got about wearing their YU stuff. When I wanted them to hold still for the pictures they decided that they needed to hug, which was adorable! After watching the game (which was really frusturating for like the first 3 quarters! I mean come on! Good thing we pulled out a WIN!) HD went to bed and the girls and I just kind of hung out. I was SO tired. We’ve all been sick with this cold thing and it’s been kinda miserable because the kids haven’t been sleeping very well, and they all seem to wake up at different times which has been wiping me out. So we watched tv longer than we should have today. I did get some cleaning done, not much … And then later the kids were apparently feeling better because they were WIRED and I was going a little crazy so we hit up the “Donalds” dollar menu, and the girls got to play for a while. Baylee was doing her typical stuff, everyone was her VERY best friend, although she never takes time to learn names. They all end up being called “Friend” or “Boy” or “Girl” whatever Baylee decides to call them 🙂 But she was having pretty much every kid there play with her and Laycee, and Laycee was just happy to be playing so she didn’t really care. I always feel like I have to explain myself when Baylee starts sitting at other peoples’ tables with them trying to get their kids to stop eating and play with her some more though. Mostly the parents are nice about it and just smile, but not everyone is understanding. She just doesn’t quite get the personal space thing. She’s such a sweet girl 🙂 She just LOVES everyone.

After HD woke up I went to the gym, and on my way home I picked up a couple $5 pizzas because Cameron and Anne came back into town tonight and I figured I would save them from having to try to cook after a long road trip (I’m sure they didn’t leave much food in their house for the 2 weeks that they were gone). So they came over for a little while and told us about their Christmas, Annes upcoming student teaching, etc. I’m so glad to have my workout buddy back! Going to the gym is a lot more fun when you have someone to talk to. I’ll miss them a lot when/if we move. We have a lot of fun hanging out with Cameron and Anne. They are just so awesome.

Anyway, I realise that this post is a lot of random rambling, but I’m sure with practice I’ll get better 🙂

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New Blog!

Posted by hdbritbragg on December 26, 2011

So, I’ve tried to update my blogger blog like 5 times in the last few months and it wouldn’t let me, but I want to keep track of what is going on with us for my family in something that’s more permanent than Facebook, so here’s a new one! Since my last blog post, we’ve had a new addition to our family (I know it was in Sept and now it’s Dec and I’m lame) Baby Dean! Or Harvey Dean Bragg III born on Sept. 13th 2011! He is the SWEETEST little boy ever! He is so mellow and happy. He’s been a great little addition to our family. He was born at 8lbs 5oz and 21″long. Baby Dean is now 3 months old and last week he rolled over twice! He’s not a big fan of rolling over however because he can only roll from his back to his tummy, and he hates being on his tummy 🙂

Also, Baylee has been declared fully recovered from her OMS by Dr. Filloux! This means that she has regained all of her motor skills, speaking and visual abilities, without the aid of medicine! All we need to do at this point is get her an MRI every year to monitor how her tumor is doing! SUCH an blessing! Dr. Filloux told us that he had the worst case that he had ever seen, and that she has made the best recovery. She is such a miracle little girl! I know that her amazing recovery is due to so many prayers on her behalf, so thank you to all of our friends and family for your prayers!

So, we also had a new roof put on!! This is SO exciting for us because our ceiling was starting to leak when it would rain/snow, and we would have to crank the ceiling heat up as high as it would go any time there was any moisture outside to try to get it to evaporate, and that was miserable. AND the new roof gives us peace of mind! I no longer have to worry about it collapsing on us! So yay for our insurance pulling through and doing what they were supposed to do!!! Now we also have extra money in the association budget so we’ll be able to make improvements like fixing all of the stairs and redoing the siding!!! That will make it so much easier when the time comes for us to rent our condo out.

This brings me to another activity we’ve been working on: Trying to find a new job. We would LOVE to live closer to family and further away from Idaho! We’ve decided that a move would be what is best for our little family now that Baylee is doing so well, and we’ve grown a bit 🙂 In another state (namely WA or OR) we’d be able to take care of our families needs more effectively (Idaho’s cheap). So wish us luck! It’s looking like there are possibilities in the Oregon Dept. of Corrections as well as a possible opportunity in the Clark County Sheriffs Dept. We’ll see what happens!

We also bought a new car. Not that exciting but it gets GREAT gas mileage and is so much more dependable than our Jeep! We get like 38mpg highway!! Woo hoo!

For the holiday season this year we’ve had to stay home 😦 HD had Thanksgiving off but he’s had to work Christmas and he also has to work on New Years. We were thinking about going to see family for Thanksgiving but we didn’t want to spend the gas, just in case HD gets called for an interview sometime in the near future. We’ve had a nice time celebrating just with our family though. Little kids make holidays more fun 🙂 They didn’t really care as much about Thanksgiving because it’s just food and football (HDs favorite things) but they were SO excited about Christmas! The girls were telling us what they were going to ask Santa to bring months in advance! It was SO cute! They were also working pretty hard to stay on the “nice list” which was nice 🙂 Christmas morning they ran out all excited to find that Santa pulled through for them and brought them what they asked for: Happy Nappers, microphones, and babies 🙂 Cute girls! Baby Dean got a bunch of little newborn toys, but he doesn’t really care much yet. Baylee and Laycee LOVED their HUGE pillow pets from Grandma Kay and Grandpa Harvey, and they LOVED their bug flashlights from Grandpa and Grandpa Cox! They have been playing with/ snuggling on them constantly 🙂

Anyway, now that I have a new blog I’ll do my best to be better at updating about our little family. I love you all!

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Hello world!

Posted by hdbritbragg on December 26, 2011

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